We value our customers and treasure their feedback and testimonies. Here are some satisfied users of LabelOn™ Labeling Machines.

We recently installed two LabelOn™ Modular labelling machines to label our range of Fruit Juice bottles, which we label empty.

We are not new to labelling and already have a number of machines supplied by one of Australia’s leading manufacturers, so we have a good basis for evaluating labelling equipment.
The new LabelOn™ machines were configured for double sided labelling and each fitted with an additional label head for promotional spot/neck labels. With the modular design of the new labelling machines we also had a Wrap module included to label round bottles.

We quickly noticed the spot/neck label application was more accurate than our existing labelling equipment. The spot/neck label head could also be set to label much larger angles than our existing labelling equipment.

With the greater level of control and ease of adjustments, these new labelling machines let us confidently set the machine. Being able to review and change settings from either side of the machine is big help.
Adjustments on the LabelOn™ are easy to make and easy to record.
Storing our Jobs in memory and recalling them is also straight forward.

We are very satisfied with our choice of LabelOn™ label applicators and would recommend them to anyone, the support we received in installing and continued support in regards to existing machines as well as options for the future.

Richard Parker
Juicy Isle

We purchased two LabelOn™ label applicators to apply local rating labels to video games. These machines were configured to place up to 4 labels onto our packs in one single pass. The first machine was fitted with a Magazine feeder and one side/spine label applicator. This first machine ran into a second Top-Bottom labeller placing up to two top labels and one bottom label.

We received our machines in October 2012 and were very pleased with the equipment and the level of communications.

Via phone, emails, chat software and cloud storage the communications technology simplified outlining the project and following the project from quotation to supply. These communications continue to greatly enhance service and operational assistance with our machines.

Doubling up as a kind of training and induction to the equipment ahead of its supply, this level of communications proved to be key in quickly diagnosing some of the teething issues upon installation; talking while referencing uploaded images and video – using the cloud technology – makes things so much easier.

The machines performed exactly as anticipated, performing the labelling tasks much more accurately than our manual operations and producing immediate labour savings. There is an anticipated (ROI) Return of Investment of close to 6 months!

The look of the machinery was intuitive and represented an efficient layout and use of space. Staff Training was straight forward.

We have found the equipment intuitive and easy to use and created our own simplified manual.
Diagrams and Labelling around the machine makes the equipment kind of idiot proof.

Practicing on a few teething issues the equipment proved easy to maintain and service – especially with the level of communications available and the comprehensive records kept on our equipment.

Overall we are very satisfied with the LabelOn™ equipment and service.

Daniel Neill,
EB Games