Channel Slide™ Applicators

LabelOn™ is introducing the newest addition to its line of labeling machines, the Channel Slide™ Applicators.

The patented Channel Slide™ Technology allows us to offer a wipe-on applicator that does not require air suction to hold onto the label.  This means no noisy compressor and no custom suction plates.

Apply labels to boxes, clamshell containers, envelopes, square bottles and almost any other flat item you can hold.  The simplicity of this machine makes it very affordable.

LabelOn™ Tamp Label Applicators are designed with compact robustness in mind. They are powerhouses in small packages that allow for production on a smaller scale without compromising the quality of labelling. LabelOn™ ‘s lineup consists of highly accurate and proficient semi-automatic labelling machines which are undoubtedly a step up from hand labelling