LabelOn™ Benchtop Round Bottle Applicator

If you have a requirement for Serious and Consistent Production where you need to label 1000 round products a day or more, the LabelOn™ Benchtop Round Bottle Applicator with waste paper rewind is a great solution. This machine can do up to a single full wrap label and can be fitted with the option to place two labels onto the product (front and back).

The Product is Driven at the Point of Label Application. This is a far more Positive Action than hoping a label will wrap around a product that is spun by the supporting rollers it sits upon.

Round Bottle Applicator
Benchtop Round Bottle Applicator
Labeling Machine Specifications:
Series: LabelOn™ Benchtop
Model: Round Products 1 or 2 Labels (optional) 
Labeling accuracy: ±1.0mm±1/16th “
Typical Labeling speed: 8 to 20 Pieces / min
Product Height: 25mm (1″) to 304mm (12″)
Product Diameter: 6.35mm(¼ “) to 165mm (6.5”)
Label Length: 12.7mm (½”) to 304mm (12″)
Label Height: 12.7mm(½”) to 127mm (5″)
Label Roll Core: ID Φ76 mm (3″)
Label Roll Diameter: OD Φ304mm (12″)
Machine Dimensions: (L × W × H) 762mm (30″)×406mm (16″) ×431mm (17″)
Power supply:   110V 50/60HZ
Total Power:    200W (Approximately)
Air Pressure (PSI): 40+ PSI
Adjustable Product Holder to do Diameters:  ¼ ” to 6.5 “
Tapered Bottles and Jars Labeling
Benchtop Round Bottle Labeling

Do you have multiple short runs of variants that add up to a total too painful to label by hand?

The logistics of having labels pre-printed and ready to apply in this multiple SKU scenario can take a lot of time and planning.

The nature of small runs that can be sub 100 pieces means that creating rolls of label for automated application is not practical.

We have teamed up with Epson to produce a Print and apply option. Simply schedule the Jobs one after the other and “print” a blank label between jobs so the operator will know it a change of SKU. With labels going straight from Printer to Product you can now streamline when you need to have (or design) labels and automate a seemingly impossible production automation challenge.

Benchtop Round<br /> In Action
Benchtop Flat In Action