Tabletop Round Wrap Labeler

LabelOn™ Mini Synergy – Round Wrap

Accurately place 85% Wrap Labels Option to Label Flat Sided Containers.

Economical in-line small footprint labeler recommended for up to 85%* wrap on round products. Flat Face Labeling Kit for product bases and flat sided product labeling (one face).

Round Wrap Labeler

Small Labeling Machine Features:

  • A Synchronized Wrap Belt (No fiddling with speed settings)
  • Up to 85% Wrap Around Recommended (more possible)
  • Facility to add Batch or date coding (option)
  • Flat face labeling kit (Option: Products up to 11 ” in height)
  • Color Touch Screen Controls with Memory Settings
  • Speed Synchronisation
  • Adjustable Height of Label Placement
  • Labeling Accuracy ¹/₁₆ “

Machine Specifications:

  • Nominal Footprint size (L) 40 ” (W) 49 ” (H) 26 ”
  • Bottle/Jar Body height of 1 ” to 6 ” tall
  • Bottle Diameter ½ ” to 4 ” (Standard)
  • Label Web of 0.75” to 5.9” (the Backing for the label should be between 1.0” to 6.0”)
  • Labelling accuracy +/- ¹/₁₆ ”
  • Label Roll Core 3 ” (inner diameter)
  • Label Roll Capacity 15 ” (outer diameter) – That’s Huge !!
  • Power Single Phase 110v 50/60Hz – 800W
  • Label Head stepper motor
  • SUS#304 stainless steel and anodized aluminum construction

Labeling Equipment Function:
  • For general round wrap labeling – Accurately place 85% Wrap Labels
    Option to Label Flat Sided Containers!
Tabletop Round Wrap Labeler

Optional Accessories:

  • Hot Foil Coder for in-line Date or Batch codes
  • Overhead Conveyor Belt for Flat Sided Labeling
  • Transparent label sensor for clear labels
  • Taller Label Head
  • Wider Conveyor

At LabelOn™ we have listened to the market very carefully. Small Labeling Machines need to operate like our Larger Labelling machines.

The Mini Labeling machines need to get out a good level of production volume, accurately and (*importantly*) with the ease of set up found on our bigger LabelOn™ Basic labeling machines.

Our Small Labelling Machines have Touch panel controls and Synchronized Motor Speeds.

When you have Mini Labelling Machines with the features we have packed into our Bottle Labelling Machines you have Labelling Machines that require a much lower *operator skill set * than the skill set required to operate Small Labelling Machines that fail to include the features of the LabelOn™ Mini Synergy Range of Small Labeling Machines.