LabelOn™ Mini Synergy – Accuracy of Application – Five Times Spot On

We’ve got you covered In the smallest of spaces!

Two of the most difficult production line problems faced can be finding the room and finding the budget for equipment to accurately place labels onto your product.

Check out our new LabelOn™ Mini Synergy Range:

These are Power House pieces of labeling equipment that can sit on a workbench top and get through serious Five Labels Mini Synergy Top Labelerproduction.

See a video of the LabelOn™ Mini Synergy – Top Labeler  in action hitting the mark Five times – one on top of the other! before we show its true function of providing tamper evident labeling.

The LabelOn™ Mini “Synergy” Range is a significant step up from semi-automated labeling and a great first step towards a production line.

This truly is the “Mini” of Labeling machines. Everything you would find in a  larger machine and outgunning all competitor’s in this small footprint label machine arena as well as MANY larger footprint  machines.

Compared to our Standard LabelOn™ Mini Range Enhanced features include:

    • Higher Labeling Speed
    • Taller Standard Label Head (apply taller label)- and two even taller label height range options
    • Larger Capacity Label Roll Holder
    • Speed Synchronization of Label Head with other moving modules on the machine
      • This is a big enhancement not found on The Standard range of Mini machines
    • Improved Label Head Mechanics
  • Easier Access Electronics

IF you move forward with a LabelOn™ Mini Synergy you won’t look back as your operators will become familiar with mechanics and controls that are very similar to our full size production machines.

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