Used Labeling Machinery: Hidden Costs You Did Not Know About

Used Labeling Machinery and Packaging Machinery:

Purchasing used labeling machinery, sealing, and packaging machinery will definitely provide a path to lower machinery purchase costs- and it will feel like a great deal. But watch out- you could be setting yourself up for huge costs that far outweigh any savings you thought you might make by purchasing second-hand. 

There are many ‘unseen’ costs of purchasing used label application machines, sealing machines and other packaging machinery. This is especially the case with Labeling machines.

Used Labeling MachineConsider Employee Skill Set Requirements

The skills required to operate older labelling* machines will far outway the skills to operate modern good value labeling equipment. Increased skill set employees means, increased training and dependence on higher paid more experienced staff to keep an old machine running (if you can find such staff – or keep them). Newer labeling machinery provides ease of use technology such as touch screen controls, motor speed synchronization and far more simple job changeovers; put simply new labeling equipment is usually far easier to operate. Setting up an old/used  machine and teaching employees to properly use it can quickly eat into the “savings” you made buying the machine.

Machine Condition and Reliability

Reliability is a big factor. Although a machine may look like it is in good shape from the outside, used equipment is subject to previous wear and tear including items that might not be immediately visible. Even with a thorough manual inspection from a skilled technician, there are internal problems that can be missed.  To name a few of the very likely things you will inherit; consider bent shafts, worn down gears and teeth, electronics on its last legs, obsolete operating systems and electronics and mechanical parts no longer produced. 

Loss of production

The Big One:  Loss of production TIME. 
When production stalls your reputation, your profits and your business opportunities can all be significantly impacted.

Lengthy job set up times are NOT GOOD things; even if you have the advanced skill set employees to do themUsed Labeling Machine now. Compared to new labeling machines, most old machines have significantly longer and more complex set-up procedures. 

Would you buy a car you could not service for all the likely AND unlikely service events?  New and old machines alike come with the responsibility of maintenance. Maintenance of old equipment is a much more tricky affair that often involves long waits for replacement parts ;  if you can find them or if they still exist. You may want to back yourself that you are qualified to self service an old labeler, however, labeling machines have a simple task that is achieved with literally thousands of parts.  Even experienced label machine representatives and engineers call upon their teams to solve some issues – with your old labeling machine you are a team of one with a fraction of the labeling knowhow of a company that designs and supplies the current labeling machinery.

Good new labelling* equipment can be serviced quickly if a problem arises. “Current” parts are much faster and easier to identify, reorder and install.

Consider the enhanced position you are in if you were to order a good value LabelOn™ labeling machine with its online gallery support.  Communicating any service issue is instant, recorded for future reference  and identified using pictures and video of current machinery and parts (see below).

Label Machine Service - LabelOn™ Gallery Asset

Older labeling equipment may initially have a lower bottom line, but could really cost you in the long run. Current Used Labeling Machinerylabeling machinery allows for ease of use, quicker training, assured service and support plus significantly fast job turn around.

Buying your labelling* machine, induction sealing machine and other packaging machinery can be a big decision, for your production process, its dependability and your pocketbook. 

You really need to find great machinery; where you know it will work without breaking the bank or compromising the integrity of your production.

We have solutions:

We provide the options that fit your needs and your budget- you won’t be overspending here. We can provide consulting and testing before you purchase your label applicators, induction sealers, or other packaging machinery. We are confident that in most cases we present the best value production solution.

Used Labeling Machine

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