Labeling Systems for self-adhesive Labels

Often machine suppliers refer to a label applicator as a labeling system. There are good reason for this as this type of machine essentially comprises of systems with functions that work together to achieve accurate labeling.

Functions on a label applicator include the control of the products and the control of the labels:

Product Control functions can include:
Speed Matching

To achieve these product control functions the sub systems of the labeling machine can include:
A Product Conveyor
Guide Rails
Product Spacers or Scrolls
Aligning Chains
Overhead Clamp Down Conveyors
Wrap Conveyors
Pneumatic Capture Devices

Label Control functions can include:
Label Monitoring (For missing labels or for End of label rolls)
Visual label verification
Starting the label feed (Here a system is waiting for a signal to advise of the presence of a product)
Accelerating the label
Speed Matching the label
Gap Sensing
Decelerating the label
Stopping the label
Stamping or marking the label
Backing Paper Rewind
Zero Down Time label head management

To achieve these label control functions the sub systems of the labeling machine can include:

A Label Head fitted with Sensors
Product Sensors
Label Sensors
Visual recognition
Machine Controls and settings
Brushes, Rollers, Clamps or Wipers
Batch Coders
Power Feed modules that hold extra-large rolls of labels and provide a loose loop of labels for the label heads

A Labeling System is only as good as the way it is designed to function as a whole. With so many different functions and subsystems a well thought out system will have centralised, minimised, synchronised machine settings. The ideal labeling machine should be a bit like an advanced SLR camera with Automatic mode. There are so many variables with labeling products that at times it will be useful to call upon some “manual settings”.

LabelOn™ offer two levels of labeling systems.

The LabelOn™ Basic is for the very budget conscious looking for quality entry-level labeling equipment.
Continuing the camera analogy, this level of equipment is like having a good quality automatic companct camera.
The LabelOn™ Basic is also a good option for those with less product change-overs. There is a compact range of core quality sub-systems available to configure this range of equipment.

The LabelOn™ Modular is the advanced SLR camera of the Label applicator world with incredible label focus (accuracy), precise automatic settings and advanced manual settings.
The LabelOn™ Modular offers an advanced and beautifully integrated combination of sub-systems enabling a very well-priced and tailored label applicator machine to be configured to a large range of jobs.

This level of labeling equipment is designed for versatility and quick change-overs that are facilitated by clear reference markings, rulers and memorised machine settings.
The electronics layout and the mechanical layout along with the readily available records are designed for both local and remote technical and service support.