Labeling Unstable Products with LabelOn™ Pucks Labeling Kit

Labeling Unstable Products

For products that are unstable, we have a solution where you can use your LabelOn™ Mini machine and we can arrange for a set of pucks that you can easily load and unload to achieve the accurate labeling you need.

Pucks Labeling Kit

In this video, we are using the one puck, but when we supply you there would be 50+ pucks supplied.

Labeling Unstable Products with Pucks

In this video, we label a tall thin round bottle. Pucks can also be used for labeling products that are not round. For example, if you have an oval sided container that you want to wrap a label around, the puck would have a flat on one side; so a guide rail can “square the product” before it passes the label peel point, and enters between the wrap belt and the wrap backing plate.

LabelOn™ Mini Synergy

The LabelOn™ Mini Synergy 510 – WRAP Labeling is Continuous.
The bottle enters between a Wrap Belt and a backing plate.
The Mini Synergy matches the speed of the label, and the wrap belt.

The LabelOn™ Mini “Synergy” Range is a significant step up from semi-automated labeling and a great first step toward a production line.

This truly is the “Mini” of Labeling machines. Everything you would find in a larger machine and outgunning all competitors in this small footprint label machine arena as well as MANY larger footprint machines.

Compared to our Standard LabelOn™ Mini Range Enhanced features include:
  • PLC and Touch Screen Control
  • The Standard range of Mini machines consists of a basic dedicated board with a LED display
  • Higher Labeling Speed
  • Taller Standard Label Head (apply taller label)- and two even taller label height range options
  • Larger Capacity Label Roll Holder
  • Speed Synchronization of Label Head with other motorized modules on the machine
  • This is a big enhancement not found on The Standard range of Mini machines
  • Improved Label Head Mechanics
  • Easier Access Electronics

If you move forward with a LabelOn™ Mini Synergy, you won’t look back as your operators will become familiar with mechanics and controls that are very similar to our full size production machines.

The LabelOn™ Mini Synergy Range
Its Much more than a Mini Labeling Machine

At LabelOn™, we have listened to the market very carefully. Small Labeling Machines need to operate like our larger labelling machines.

The Mini Labeling machines need to get out a good level of production volume, accurately and (importantly) with the ease of set up found on our bigger LabelOn™ Basic labeling machines.

Our Small Labeling Machines have Touch panel controls and Synchronized Motor Speeds. When you have Mini Labeling Machines with the features we have packed into our Bottle Labeling Machines, you have Labeling Machines that require a much lower operator skill set than the skill set required to operate Small Labeling Machines that fail to include the features of the LabelOn™ Mini Synergy Range of Small Labeling Machines.

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